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Related post: Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 06:22:35 -0400 From: lesli 99 Subject: Operation Queer Bait Pt 14The sun was no more than a faint glow over the east coast of the US when the NSA technicians manipulated their keyboards in response hot nymphets pic the the operation order issued at 0400 hours. 'Techcom telemetry' responded with an ACK, indicating that instructions had been received, followed within seconds by positional 17 y.o. nymphets reference feedback. Content that things nn teen nymphet were working, the technicians moved on to other early morning tasks, checking back occasionally to confirm continued operation to instructions.High over the Ural Mountains of Russia, the gigantic SURSAT satellite fired prearranged retro's in response to the data uplink coming from Ft Meade by way of a terestial relay in the northern reaches of Norway. The retro firing modified the geostationary 'spy' satellite's orbit, slowly bringing it down over the Caucasus and parking it over the Arabian peninsula. At the same (or nearly) time, another relayed signal reached a pair of low altitude TACSATS and modified their polar orbits to put them on a near vertical pass across the same peninsula. Their offsets provided for a maximum of coverage for the assets deployed.Meanwhile, in the dirt and sand in an isolated section of Kuwait, the lumbering Sea Hawks put SAS Alpha and Bravo detachments 'on the sand', equipment and all. As the birds headed back to wherever they came from, the hooded warriors took stock of their surroundings and naked angel nymphet melted into oblivion.The cause for all this deployment of multi national assets played out thousands of miles to the northwest, as Mr Baden-White stood before Parliament to be confirmed to the high level diplomatic post offered him underage nymphet pic by the British Government. Mr Baden-White was now a member of the inner sanctum of British movers and shakers, a most prestigious position. His dues paid thru years of loyal subject to the crown, he was destined for greatness.Which raised the stakes in their search for Anthony big time. To the British Government, Anthony was a major liability, and they wanted him back.With a captital 'B'. And now.US intelligence assets little girl nymphetes were re committed from their normal tasking and given over to support the mission. Chief of US Naval Intelligence (who could actually be pics art nymphets seen as my ultimate 'boss') issued a directive which had my chief handler on a plane to London nymphetts pedo to explain what was going on. He would brief a selected group of decision makers on what we were doing to locate Anthony, complete with the revelation that Anthony was, apparently, being held against his will by some MidEast group or the other, and that I (having somewhat the same sexual proclivity as Anthony) was, at this moment, teen nymphette underage undercover in an attempt to locate Anthony so the SAS teams could execute a 'snatch'. The hardcorenymphets intelligence communities of both countries were playing a multi million dollar game of cat and mouse with my current 'owners'.SURSAT had provided a constant stream of video and IR data as the technicians manipulated it's controls to track the car as it sped across the sandy stretch of Arabian desert. It had captured images of me boarding the yacht moored in the Persian gulf, of the yacht slipping it's moorings and heading south along the coast toward Dubai before veering sharply eastward. The low altitude TACSATs provided crystal clear photos and heat imaging, exposing the entire gallery nymphettes boat and it's crew to analysis back in Ft Meade.The 'low tech' operation I had started with had suddenly gone 'up town' in terms of the technology deployed.As the subject of all this high tech surveillance, I was totally unaware of any of it. How could I be otherwise? I was living in another world, dealing with another set of challenges, totally absorbed in absorbing. A luxurious world of make believe and self deception, aided by the 16 yo russian nymphet drugs they were giving me to keep calm and docile. The weeks spent in Saudi had served to make nasty youngest nymphets me that way, to take nymphet models nude away any thought of resisting, of trying to flee, of freedom. And to test me, free sex nymphettes to prove to my 'owners' that I was worthy of the role they planned for me. Passing that test, they moved me nymphets illegal underage underground magic nymphets top sites on to the next, and final, phase of my development.I was being trained and conditioned for a role that would bring them immense profit, either money or, more importantly, influence. The political situation shifted here like the sand blowing on the desert. Factions dealt with one another thru influence or violence, what ever worked at the time. Negotiating alliances called for a steady hand and a goodly supply of whatever the other side might 'need' or find value in.Ossira ben Ghiromah owned the largest stable of whores in all the Middle East, both toplist nude nymphet women and boys, and parlayed them like the most precious of investments as he served both sides of any and all situations, using the boys for those who had certain 'odd' tastes as ukranian nymphet photos he put it. If two sides wanted to trade 'favors' as a negotiating chip, more than likely Ossira owned the 'favors' that were traded. In this position, he was one of the most influential of influence peddlers in the area, if not the whole world.The stable of boys was divided into groups of 'butch' and 'bitch' depending on physique and masculinity. My inclination put me squarely in the 'bitch' category, and my time on the yacht would be designed to perfect my behavior as one. 'Perfect' in the sense that, while I was obviously submissive toward men, my mannerisms were still enough from the western world that I just undreage nymphets might do something offensive in my new surroundings. Arab men, as naked nymphets forum password I suspected, were of a different mindset concerning respect and submission. What tween nymphet passed for friendly behavior in our world could be construed differently in theirs. That could not be tolerated and great pains were taken to re orient westerners to these subtle differences, free underage wild nymphets not with the idea of being western with an appreciation of middle eastern ways, but with the aim fozya guestbook nymphet of changing behavior til it was strictly of their norm.At any rate, life on the yacht was different from anything I had ever experienced. Calmed to the point of dullness by the drugs, I patiently tried to absorb the ideas they were teaching me. It seemed, nymphs adol to be honest, that they were training me to be top100 bbs nymphets more and more feminine in nymphet bbs pre everything I did. From sitting, nymphet pics naked to walking, to eating or drinking, my feminine mannerisms were reinforced as they tried to erase any trace of masculinity. I was verbally castigated when I made mistakes. Food nymphet teen toplist was withheld in certain instances. I was sent to bed without 'supper' for the showing the slightest naked oriental nymphet sign nymphets dogs girls of rebellion, for refusing to the the most basic task. I didn't realize it at the nymphet bride pics time but I was being shaped into the Arabic model of a male whore, from the way I acted to the way I thought.I was in Arab dress constantly, wearing the long flowing white cotton robe and sandals. I learned to were the distinctively red and white checkered head covering when outside, even on the boat. I had traded my white jockey briefs for black thong underwear that doubled as family nude nymphets sleeping attire. On selected occasions I was allowed to sunbathe on deck wearing them.There was absolutely NO sex during this tgp nymphete period, even though there were others like me on the boat. I was in training. They were trained, and my interaction with them was that of a hot nymphets naked student. They were 'role models' so to speak and I was encouraged to be as much like them as I could. It was training in it's most basic, nymphets young 13 but highly effective form, and I found myself doing better each day. A subtle, to me, change came over me in the next few days as I acclimated to my new enviroment.By the time we reached Basra, my mind was there. Nothing to bother me, nothing to worry about. I land ls nymphets nude was safe here in the company of my kind. There were handsome nymphet underaged sailors who tended to the yacht, there was a cook who prepared and served our meals. And of course there were my wonderful sweet mentors to guide me farther and farther toward my ultimate destiny of serving mankind as best I could in my new found role as a whore. Life was, to coin a phrase, a bowl of cherries.I watched the docking from the back, nymphet angels xtreme recreation deck, taking in the decrepit surroundings that are Basra. A battleground in times past, it still bore the scars of abuse and neglect. Our gleaming white yacht was a study in contrast next to the run down pier where we moored. Altogether an utterly depressing place."We are going ashore" the voice ukrainian nymphet forum came from behind me. It was Jon, the angelic looking Finn who had been the most helpful of my three 'mentors'. I had a secret thing young nudist nymphet for him, but my training had forbade any interaction like that."We are? When?""Tonight. I don't know the time, but we should prepare.""Where are we going?""It is not our place to ask those questions" Jon admonished "our purpose is to sexy little nymphets nude do as we are told. You know that. Where is not our concern." He was right. I had made a faux paux in asking and I knew it. nice nymphet models We were to serve at the direction of our guardians in strict obedience. I made a mental note to correct this defect in my character. But Jon knew that I, as a novice, would be prone to character mistakes like this in the beginning and he patted my hand as a way of showing that he understood. Emboldened by his kindness, I decided to ask him something that I had been wondering for the past few days."Jon, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?""Of course not.""Do you enjoy this.I mean, your life here?" I wasn't sure if he would respond or if I had made another faux paux. The quickness of his response slightly surprised me."Immensely" illegal young nymphet he responded. Then more pensively added "my time here has led me to realize that my purpose in life, my talent so to speak, is in providing pleasure. To men. And in the course of providing this pleasure, I take great pleasure. Do you understand?""Yes, I understand. I feel much the same. Something inside me says that what nude nymphet list I really like doing, well I'm good at it. It makes me feel as if my efforts, my life even, is worth a great deal. At one point, I thought it was lack of self worth, but now I realize it's recognition and proof of self worth.""Exactly" he added in a low tone "I am what I do. And what I do gives me a great deal of pleasure. I don't really naked nymphette pics remember life being any better. Even in some not of the worse situations here I still feel more in tune with what I sexy nymphet video am doing than ever before.""And how nymphets naturism photo did you end up nymphet movie galleries here?" it was an honest question. I wondered about all three boys on the yacht. How did they come to be members of Ossira's 'harem' of whores?"Ah, well for me it was a natural choice. I mean I had come to the Middle East for holiday and entered into, how do you say, a relationship. One friend led to another, and another, and before long I caught the eye of the right people. The rest was simply, nymphets sex pics as they say, history.""And the others?" I asked, referring to the two Russians who had been my mentors young little nymphets porn for the past days."They were prostitutes in Russia before joining us. I don't know the exact details. Now, we must little nymphets fucked prepare ourselves." he said, giving me an answer and free cute nymphets cutting me off at the same time. Oh well, I had time to learn the people at their own pace.Jon led me below decks to the state room I had shared with the group for the past days and instructed me in the nymphets ukrainian jpg tgp finer art of 'preparation'. The ritual began with waxing our bodies to remove all traces of hair, something that was a trademark of Ossira's whores. We started the mildly uncomfortable process with our russian nymphet videos legs, proceeding to our buttocks, stomach, chest, and finally both arms. It left us both with a blushed red tan to which we applied soothing baby lotion which had the effect of turning my the red to a deeper brown tan.The waxing was followed by careful plucking of our eye brows til they were thin, almost lady like. ukranian nymphets tgp An old razor was used to shave our armpits.The final task, prior to dressing, was by far the most interesting. In order to assure cleanliness, and to prevent any embarrassing nymphet photos accidents during the course of sex, we both took enimas. While I had used an anal douce on many occassions, I had never experienced anything as erotic and moving under siege nymphets russian as an enima. I delighted at the feeling of the tube piece as it slid past the semi tightness of my anal sphincter and forced it's way into my cavity. Jon helped me by raising the enema bag above me and exerting a strong, sharp clap that compressed it and force it's ls nymphet models contents thru the tube and into my insides. The absolute exstacy of it made me nearly faint, it was so strong and powerful. It was free archives nymphets as though a gallon of warm semen had filled me instantly, and I gasped at the sensation of it."Oh...........ohhhhhhh Jon" I moaned as he continued to squeeze the bag until every drop candid nymphets was inside me. It was as though I would burst from the enormously sensual filling. My head tossed from side to side as I tried to savor the new sensations washing in and over me. I had never, ever experienced anything like it, and I couldn't nymphets pics porno think of anything I wanted more than to feel this. The warmth of the water that was in developed nymphets me set me on fire with sexual desire."Now, lay still. Rest. Let the water remain inside until you can't stand the pain any longer. Then sit on the toilet and void it." he patiently instructed. Pain? No. No pain. Only the warmth spreading throughout my body as my stomach seemed to swell before me. Then a realization of pressure. Then more pressure, building to the point where I knew what he meant. illegal nymphets pics I knew that I nymphet sex videos couldn't hold it inside me much longer. My hole was convulsing, alternately clinching and releasing the hard plastic tube that had invaded me. I sat. Then stood. Then hurried to the toilet where nymphets art photos I pulled the tube out just as the first powerful gush black nymphets nude of slimey brown liquid mixed with softening feces forced itself past the lips of my hole nymphet pubic hair and shot out into the toilet bowl. The pressure immediately subsided as more and more of what had been in my bowels emptied into the brown stained bowl. I must have sat there for five minutes as I voided. First in gushes, then a steady pedo preeteen nymphets stream, then only soft farts. My bowels completely empty, but aglow with what had just happened, I made my way back into the bedroom to find Jon lying on his back in the floor, his beauty divine nymphets legs raised, a tube inserted in his anus. I moved to help him, clutched the bag, and repeated for him what he had done for me. I squeezed until the bag was empty. As I looked down on him, his eyes glazed, I could imagine how great he felt at this moment. He quickly pulled the tube out and made his way to the toilet where he emptied his bowels into the slimey mess I had left in the bowl.Jon then showed highschool nymphets me how to clean myself, with baby oil, using my finger to force enough of it inside my hole to act both as a cleanser and lubricant. He also showed me the trick of lying on the floor with my legs elevated against the edge of the bed while forcing the mouth of the bottle into my hole nymphets bbc and squeezing a gob of the liquid inside. It felt wonderful. I felt wonderful. Clean and wonderful.Jon next showed me how to apply just the slightest tint of purple eye shadow, followed by a dab of rouge to each cheek bone. It gave me a delicate, almost doll like look. I must admit, the ladylike nymphet clit look accentuated my facial features.We dressed, the black thong bikini first, then the white cotton floor length robe. It clung to my oiled skin. I slipped on my sandals and we were ready to go.On deck, I noticed the two black Mercedes waiting at the dock, engines running. We made our nymphet model tits way down the gangplank and separated, each to one of the waiting cars."Remember" Jon said in parting "do what they want you to do. It is best" and with that, we parted company as we went on to our separate rendezvous. I didn't know it at the time, but nymphets xxxxx it would be months before we saw each other again.Sitting in the back of the limo, my 'escort' in photos nymphette a nue the front with the driver, I tried to concentrate on the ride. The nymphet dirty streets of Basra were flooded with a seemingly endless mass of bodies making it difficult for the driver to navigate thru them. He blew the horn endlessly as he cut first right, then left, nudging the crowds before us. Magically, he didn't kill anyone. The faces of the crowd, staring into the limo, eventually merged into a nymphet nude pix solid mass of incomprehensible humanity. I stopped focusing.Evan Mc Gregor shifted uncomfortably from nymphet porn little foot to foot as he tried to remain as inconspicuous as possible. retro nymphets The heavy Arab robe caused him to sweat uncontrolably and he was sure he would never aclimate here. The product of Arab immigrants to England, he retained the dark skin and hair of young xxx nymphet a native. And his Arabic was intact, which made his assignment to SAS Detachment Alpha for this mission a done deal. It might be hot, alfa nymphet but at least it wasn't Belfast. And while top sites nymphet he may be nervous and uncomfortable, at least he didn't have to worry about one of these kids blowing him to kingdom come.Evan was standing in this particular spot because intelligence data coming from the US NSA was tracking the route of two black limos, Mercedes, that had picked up two passengers at the yacht moored along the river. The low level TACSATs had provided sufficient detail to determine that one of the passengers from the yacht ukrainian nymphet pic was blonde, the other dark haired. The blonde could or could not be the mark, one latin porn nymphets lad named Anthony. The other appeared to be a positive match on the 'mole' who was reported operating within the smuggler network that supposedly the English boy. Evan didn't have the faintest clue who Anthony was, or why SAS was snatching him. It didn't matter. Evan and all those on the mission were professionals, and the less they knew about the mark, the less they would have to give over to their captors in the unlikely event they were taken alive."Tag's 100 mick your pos" the earpiece hidden in Evan's ear barked. Alert now, cross the street one more time. Walk up to the end of what passed for a block, then cross adolecent nymphet again. Then, yes. There it was, the black Merc making it's way thru the crowd, horn blarring. Turn. Along the street, walking straight for it. Veer. Push. Position for a visual. There. There in the back seat, just like they had reported. Definately a white face. Peer. photo teen nymphette Got a glimpse as it passed. Not the mark. land of nymphets thumbnails The darkhaired one, the mole. Yep, that was him. nymphets sex galleries The one they had trained with in the hills near Thurso, the one that Donald McMillan had tagged 'queer as pink ink'. Positive ID. Relay it to base. Now it was up to Bravo Det to run the other to ground for an ID. If he was the target then the op would engage, ambush, snatch, and in nymphet are naked the words of Pink Floyd, 'run like hell'. If not, well they'd darki nymphets keep looking. Fading back into nymphet girls photo the crowd, Evan reversed direction and made his way back to the Det Alpha safe house.Det Bravo made a visual on Jon within five minutes of Evan's siting of me. Resigned to continue the hunt, they regrouped and communicated the results of today's chase back to young nymphets video London via portable satellite. London relayed that to Fr Meade immediately and NSA tagged the two vehicles 'mole' and 'blondie' as they continued to track our movement. Even though the results hadn't been what the hoped for, and nymphet bbs pics thus a quick end to this mission, they were none the less impressive. For the first time now, London had a reference point in Ossira's organization. The yacht moored in the river by Basra was ground zero as far as the mission was concerned. They would continue nymphets porno movies monitoring all activity around the yacht, never letting it out of site. And they had two of Ossira's operatives indentified, the cars carrying Joh and me. They would continue to track these as well, hoping against hope that one of small nymphets sites us would lead them to Anthony.Shortly before breaking for lunch, the operators at Ft Meade made note that the car dubbed 'blondie' had gained access to some sort of military base to the east of Basra, discharged two passengers. Some seven and one half minutes later, the nymphet junior tgp car dubbed 'mole' had entered the compound area of a partially destroyed power plant just past the northern edge of nabokov nymphet the city. It also appeared that two passengers had gotten out and entered the power plant. Both russian nymphet com cars parked and the drivers stepped out for what was presumed to be a smoke break, as the targets disappeared from site within the respective buildings.Nothing to do but wait and watch for something to happen. The NSA techies checked to make sure the recorders were running and then broke for lunch.Night was settling over Basra for Joh and me.To be nymphet yo 11 continued lesli99hotmail.com
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